Inès ROUBIN, architect.

After the high school in the neighborhood of Paris, I did a year of Preparing Art (ISIAD) at the “Art Maryse Eloy” in Paris. This year of education helped me to increase my knowledge and general culture in the arts. After that, I get in the School of Architecture in Marseille in September 2009.

I got my Bachelor degree of architecture in June 2012 and the master degree in June 2014. For this master, I choose to get in “H21 department”, which means “how to live in the 21th Century”.

During these past two years, I mostly worked housing projects.

For the diploma, we were able to choose the site of our project. In the beginning  of this 5th year, I decided to study the nordic countries. For the diploma, I studied the town of Stockholm.

I created this website to share my work during my 3rd, 4th and 5th year course.

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